Tips for UpStream, River racing

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It is true to say that 99 % of river racing is carried out downstream, with bites being signaled by the quiver tip pulling round. Much of the time, however, an upstream presentation is superior, for example when dealing with jabs on the rod top which prove difficult or impossible to hit, the kind of indication common with roach at short range. The upstream presentation will see all resistance removed when the fish pulls the bait downstream, so it holds on to the bait for that vital few moments longer.

A second major advantage of river racing is that it can automatically locate a hot spot in a swim, by periodically shifting the lead so that it bumps down the flow. Natural obstructions such as rises in the gravel bed and weed roots will halt the progress of the lead.

When racing downstream, most anglers sit upstream of the swim and fish each area in turn by casting across and down to it, and this simple method catches fish consistently. However, there are weaknesses associated with a succession of down and across presentations. First, as you cast to each area, in turn, there is the initially alarming effect of a lead plummeting into the swim. Obviously, the fish soon recover their composure if they are feeding hard, but it is nevertheless a frightening effect you can do without. You may decide to cut down the amount of casting by rolling the bait into position rather than casting directly to the swim. You can do this by casting to the far bank, fishing that side for a while and then, by lifting the rod point, encourage the terminal rig to roll across a river to search other areas. Although this minimizes disturbance, the tautness in the tackle means that, when the bait rolls into midstream and then into the near bank, it does so in an arc across the flow. This is highly unnatural and could be enough to dissuade a suspicious fish from intercepting the bait. Also, the bait will only ever fish on the line of each arc, and in a big swim, this can mean a lot of water being unfished.

Upstreaming river racing overcomes these objections. Sit at the furthest downstream extremity of the swim and cast two yards above the upstream point of the swim on the far bank. After the lead has settled, the intention is to work the bait progressively down the flow, allowing it to settle for perhaps five minutes and then repeating this at intervals down the run or where a natural feature halts the lead’s progress. To do this, the rod point is lifted, and a little line is drawn which dislodges the lead so that it bumps downstream into the required position. That is the first difference to note. The lead bumps downstream in a straight line rather than moving in an arc because the upstream presentation has allowed the creation of slack line when the lead is disturbed.

Upstreaming is vulnerable to false bites if there is much flotsam in the river. It takes very little drifting weed to dislodge a critically balanced terminal rig. If this is a problem, and it is quite likely to be so in a flood, put more lead on than normal, and try to ignore the rubbish hitting the line. A bite from a big fish will still be obvious. These conditions are ideal for barbel, and you won’t mistake bites from those.

Written by: Josimac

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River racing rowed upstream, a new route of possibilities

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River racing rowed upstream is an activity full of advantages, it will not only improve your body, but it will also provide a lot of experiences and incredible moments with your family and friends. Don’t be afraid of this awesome opportunity, you will be safe and you will never forget it. River racing may be funny to be practiced on calmed rivers, but once you give the chance to try it with the upstream experience, you will be undoubtedly amaze.


The first advantage of this activity is that you will be having fun and also you will train yourself! If you are someone who loves travelling with your bike, definitely this activity will hook you. You will be forcing and strengthening your arms, and thanks to the being rowing upstream, the results will be even better. But that is not all my friend, your arms will not only be the lucky ones with this activity. Both your back and your heart will be rewarded by the upstream effect.


Now let’s talk about the great moments you will have while doing this incredible activity, you will be able to see and live nature with a new whole perspective. You will appreciate the forest, the mountains and plains from the core of the river! You will be surrounded and have the chance to be as close as possible to aquatic creatures in a way you never thought possible. You will be able to see different kind of fishes and if you look closely around you, you may see some animals just like deers, foxes, and birds that you never saw before.


Another advantage of this activity is that you won’t harm nature, you will not generate any kind of pollution or contamination. You will be breathing pure air with no risk of diseases or anything. Another advantage of starting rowing upstream is that at the end, once you finished the incredible route and you are in need of a well deserved rest you will not have to worry about rowing upstream again. Once you get the benefits of rowing upstream, you recollect the fruit of starting with it at the beginning of the route, now the stream will get you to the place you started, you will be able to rest, touch the water and appreciate nature one more time without doing anything but resting and enjoying.


In conclusion, we can appreciate the advantages of river racing rowing upstream, starting by our physical improvement, our arms,back and heart will be strengthened. We will be enjoying nature with a special and unique perspective, surrounded by animals, pure air, trees, mountains and water. There will be no harm against nature and you will be helping the planet by enjoying of it without destroying it. Finally you will enjoy the final gift of rowing upstream at the end of your journey, the stream will head back to the starting point, you will be there with any kind of effort, you will be resting and enjoying nature. Just remember, river racing is an incredible activity, but if you do it while rowing upstream the benefits and the experience will let you speechless. What are you waiting to give a chance to this awesome experience and have fun with your loved ones? Good luck and let’s row!

written by: Bravomelvis

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Travel and Leisure

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Boating can be a really fun activity that you can do on your own or alongside with another person, fun is guaranteed. There are many rivers and streams where you can perform this activity, some of which can be truly challenging while others are rather easier to navigate. Specifically speaking of upstream boating, you might want to consider calm streams that do not demand too much of your energy to travel against the current, keep in mind that water in motion implies a powerful force. This is the perfect activity for father-son bonding, exploring nature and enjoying the landscape, all in one.

Boating itself is an excellent exercise, you work out your upper body, including arms, chest, and back. If the training is intense, not only will you work out the power and strength of your muscles, but you will also perform cardio; doing this you will burn calories, and, hence, you will burn fat.

There are several safety precautions that you must take into consideration, of course. Water is not the natural medium of the human being, and thus we must contemplate different factors that will ensure our safety. First of all, there are life jackets/life vests that will ensure that you will float and not drown. Imagine that you have an accident, such as bumping into a rock or something similar, fall of the boat and hit your head. You may become unconscious. A life jacket is designed not only to float and keep the person on the water, but mainly to keep the head above the water, consequently assuring that the person will keep breathing even when they are unconscious.

It is also a good idea to carry along a GPS device while upstream boating. You never know when you will need it, and if you take different branches of the river or stream, you might en end up getting lost and, in such a situation, a GPS device will surely come in handy.

Upstream boating can be a fun activity, relaxing and enjoyable. You can do it on your own and be alone with your thoughts or do so with someone else to enjoy the experience together. Upstream boating can be an excellent activity for vacation, holidays or even a long weekend, it is only a short escapade into nature, away from the city and into a place that you can be in touch with nature, with your thoughts and with the company of a beloved one.

Keep in mind you must keep in mind the safety precautions. The abovementioned, the life jacket and GPS device, are only two of the most obvious precautions that one must take into consideration, but there can be others, like bringing along flare and a radio device. One can never be too safe, especially in the water, an environment that is not natural for the human being.

Summing up, upstream boating is an excellent activity to enjoy nature and free time, it is pure leisure. You can do it on your own or with somebody else, and, in either case, you will enjoy the nature and do some exercise along the way, which is not bad at all. Just keep in mind the safety precautions, you could even think of some more on your own, and go ahead and enjoy upstream boating to the fullest. Take a few days off and get back to your roots, to nature, to enjoyable landscapes and sceneries, and, of course, enjoy the solitude of going on your own or the company of going with somebody else, for example, your son, a relative or even a friend.


written by: gravilesam

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