Upstream, White Water

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Upstream, White Water written by: Mbuta90

After a hard day and a lot of work in writing and writing in the magazine, which caused a lot of problems, I took a break and called my wife and told her that we would travel to France to the Alps and told her to prepare

I left all the problems of work and fatigue and changed the official clothes and I told the magazine go to hell I will do things fun today and booked on the first plane to France is going to the most beautiful mountains World Alps.

Immediately my wife’s sister left work and headed for the giant Alps, arriving in Gusun six hours to go to the mountains of the giant world where there is Paradise.

We got to paradise I set up my modest tent and then I did many wonderful things as I climbed the top of the giant mountain in record time so I was good at climbing

There was a competition held in the slopes of white water so called so called because the water is very white because it descends from high altitudes or from a place to a very low area, so water is very hard to hold competitions and atmosphere.

The atmosphere here is really wonderful competitions are held in white water and after I participated, I worked several things that I want to share with you:


The white water community is very tight. People there always help in something they are very good people and they have many good qualities.

This water comes to many people and different social classes and many filmmakers and artists and writers to draw inspiration and get good experience.

I lived in this area for about nine years and I am small with my family before I emigrated to America. There were different groups and tribes living here, but they have now lived in the best place I have ever visited. I wish you all the best, help and help without any events, competitions and entertainment.
There are almost no storms in the river, but at night the wind blows and causes havoc in many people.

Sometimes the twilight occurs at night, so people go out to enjoy themselves and to have a unique view of nature in the world

And sometimes it rains the sky and the lightning strikes the face of the sky in a landscape that is not without risk, despite his beauty

I remembered childhood when I was in this place and did not change from Chia to people, tourists and events

I was playing and I was small here on the rocks before they faded from above the waterfalls

He lived here many wonderful animals and predatory migrated half and remained in this paradise .

I want to say in the end that white water helped a lot of people to overcome the psychological crises that were sweet at one time and helped me personally to relax and calm and get the good experience of good people and wonderful it is really like paradise.